Practice Areas


Advertising Review

My clients, who include multinational as well as small entrepreneurial and start up organizations, trust me to identify legal issues in their claims and in the executions of those claims. Moreover, I work collaboratively with the marketers, their experts, and their agencies to help craft optimum advertising claims that are designed for commercial success while addressing potential legal issues.

Regulatory Guidance

Once I understand your goals, I identify legal risks and opportunities. I will provide you with a clear understanding of the regulatory framework under which you must label, package and market your product – whether that means bricks and mortar distribution, marketing to healthcare providers, or leveraging social media.

Operations Support

With over twenty years experience negotiating business contracts, I can efficiently draft the agreements that shape your day to day business—including agency, distribution, quality, logistics, consulting, and supply agreements.

Effective Compliance

Compliance done right is a competitive advantage. I can help you institute the right controls, policies and procedures, and flag issues before they become problems. So you can concentrate on winning in the market place.


I take the time to understand my clients’ goals, their business and their challenges. I make sure they understand the legal framework within which they must operate and I work as a team member to help my clients win in the marketplace.



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